Your application to become a councillor at Camp Brightwater has been accepted! We are very excited to start the summer season, and even more, look forward to you* joining us*.

Though your application provided all the information necessary for us to make our decision, we like to do things a little differently here. In the coming days you will be receiving a personalized questionnaire. All the answers you give will allow us to better fit you into our programs, so please, answer as truthfully as possible. Our on site psychologists have a knack of finding questions that that tend to cut a touch deep, but please, this is all for the kids, and ultimately, all for you.

As a councillor with us you’ll be expected to help keep our little campers excited about the abundant activities at our camp. Though we’re sure you already know what you’re in store for here, we try to keep it exciting even* for you*. Everything from archery to glass-blowing can be learned by budding artists and councillors alike. Anything you take a liking to, you could become a volunteer teacher for, thereby enriching your own life and teaching valuable skills to the kids.

Here at Camp Brightwater we like to keep a very casual relationship with our councillors, we want you to feel like you belong here. Want you to feel like one of us.

Head Councillor
Victor Smithe

Camp Brightwaters